If you are NOT on the Internet you don’t exist!

In today’s marketplace it is no longer a question of IF you should have a business website but why you don’t

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and technologically savvy and are much more trusting of the Internet than only a decade ago.  Professionals need to embrace this trend and market their services via this medium.  

Having a presence on the Internet is essential as a business professional.

Having your own practice website is not a gimmick - it is a necessity.  Consumers today use the Internet to locate information before, during and after they apply for services and purchases.  A business website today is what the telephone was 80 years ago and needs to be added to each practioner’s toolbox. 

 You have to be online with a website to be competitive - your competition is already online.

The next time someone asks for YOUR information about your practice you no longer need to dig out your dusty old paper documents, make copies, fax or mail them.  With your own website you simply direct inquiries to your web address and visitors can locate your current information day or night. 

Add your website address to your business cards, brochures, flyers, letterhead, etc. – 
all of your documents should list your website address.

Your own website offers marketing, information and convenience.  Your website is like having a billboard for everyone to see – any time from just about anywhere.  Having your own website used to be unthinkable and too expensive like conventional advertising.  Now you have the opportunity to reach thousands of potential clients and referral sources in a medium that is increasing at a far greater pace than any other form of advertising (marketing exposure). 

With your own website you become a member of the virtual Internet community presenting your advanced professional image in today’s every greater technologically driven marketplace. 

Your website saves time and money.  More than anything, it levels the playing field for everyone.  Previously, websites were reserved only for big business and high-tech folks.  No longer is having a website a measure of prestige or novelty.  A private practice website has become a necessity for every practioner and business – this includes YOU 

Benefits of having YOUR own website:

  • Establish yourself/your practice on the Internet
  • Promote and market your practice quickly and conveniently
  • Considered the best way for new clients to learn about you and your services
  • Post your forms online (e.g., intake/history, disclosure, etc.) that can be printed and completed in advance of the client's session saving you time = never have to make copies again!
  • Add your website address to your business cards, brochures, flyers, letterhead, etc. - all of your documents should include your website address
  • Clients can see a professional friendly picture of you - useful to reduce their anxiety
  • Allows you to post additional information about you and your services - quickly update the information
  • Your website is available 24/7 - potential clients often surf the web late at night and during times of stress
  • Save YOUR valuable time by having common questions answered online - via your FAQ page
  • Direct cold-callers to your website and save you time in callbacks
  • Post newsletters online
  • Directions to your office
  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Cut marketing costs as the information is available online
  • Quickly and conveniently update service changes
  • Share your presentations
  • Inexpensive and versatile advertising compared to traditional methods
  • Tax deductible as a business expense
  • Keep up with other online mental health professions
All this for as little as $39.99/mo1

1 - $39.99 for the first 3-months, $49.99/mo thereafter