1    Why should I sign up with Erickson Web Designs?
If you've ever wanted to be on the web you have essentially 2 choices:

  • Do it yourself, or
  • Have someone else do it for you.

I'm offering to do it for you.  I believe you should not have to pay thousands for that privilege.  For less than what others charge I can put you on the web in a matter of days

  • Complete website development & hosting
  • FREE setup (saves you $249-1500)
  • FREE domain name registration & annual renewals** (E.g., YourWebsiteName.com
  • FREE content updates (saves you $95/hr other services typically charge)
  • FREE customized title tags and keywords for improved searchability
  • FREE Search Engine submissions - including Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, and many others*
  • FREE map and directions to your office
  • FREE QR Code image to your office number for smartphone users
  • NO annual contract
    All for as little as $39.99/mo!

2    I don't know a lot about computers.  Can I just email you my documents and give you a list of what I want?
Yes.  Emailed documents are a lot easier for me so I much rather you send it to me via email attachments.  However, if you absolutely can't you are welcome to fax or mail me your information - to fax or mail see the Contact page. 

3    Can I include client intake forms and others as well as my practice brochure?
Yes - I recommend it!

4    I'm interested in other features to add to my website, like selling my book I published, can I do that?
Yes, this can be arranged - please contact me directly.

5    I don't know exactly what I want on my site, can you help?
Yes.  I will offer recommendations and explanations of why something needs to be changed.  All too often I find that MHPs have difficulty breaking down complex information into short easily understandable information that is targeted to your audience.

6    How long does it take once I sign up?
If I can register your domain right away I've launched sites in as little as 9 hours - but that's not the norm.  Typically, it takes 24-48 hours based on the content provided. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions - I'm happy to answer your questions before you sign up so that there are no surprises. 

Thank you and I look forward hearing from you very soon.


- $39.99 for the first 3-months, $49.99/mo thereafter