Visual appeal and clarity rule good websites.

Complexity leads to confusion causing visitors flee your website.

You literally have about 8-seconds to capture the attention of each visitor.

Translation = keep it simple

This means keeping YOUR website uncomplicated, functional and down-to-earth by creating a well designed and easy to navigate website.  Just as in therapy, when you get stuck go back to basics and active listening

Good websites allow visitors to find the information they want quickly.   This is why it is crucial to make sure your content is targeted and concise addressing how you can help the site visitor today - ultimately this is what the site visitor is looking for - your help today.

Today, web surfers seek quick information and if they can’t find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds they move on to another website that meets their needs.  This is why I emphasize simplification

Your websites needs to be clean-cut and pertinent.  Navigating your web site should be easier than dealing with an HMO – a lot easier!

Attracting and keeping viewers to your website is not rocket science, it is about simplicity. 

 The key to converting visitors into potential clients who call you is to clearly state how you can help them today.

Promoting your website is just about as important as the website itself.  If you have a website but no one can find it then what good is it?  This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes important - and for most of us it is also the most confusing.  I help with this too, as well as with specific optimization.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a website but either haven’t the time, the technical skill or even the desire to spend countless hours creating your very own website.  It can be daunting.  I know it was for me the first time I did it – and that was using HTML code!  Learning to write HTML code is like learning a technically oriented foreign language.  I take care of the techno-babble for you.  I can help! - Sign Up.

If you have any questions please contact me.